Top 10 Reasons to Eat Healthy and Exercise (You won’t believe #7)

Top 10 Reasons to Eat Healthy and Exercise

From the time we are children, you hear “eat right and exercise, eat right and exercise”. It’s like a mantra! In fact, for some of us, we are so sick of hearing the above phrase that we just tune it out and pull into the drive through!

That is a bad idea. Yes, we should eat right and exercise! There are a great many reasons why this adage is correct and why we should listen to it, no matter how sick we might be of hearing it.

Top Reasons to Eat Healthy and Exercise

We have compiled a list of some of the best motivators to eat healthy and exercise, to get off the sofa and add some veggies to your plate.

#1: This Will Lower Your Risk of Disease

When you are in your 20s, this seems so ridiculous that you don’t even register it. By the time you hit your 40s, your knees start telling you otherwise and by 50, it’s your doctor describing all the damage that has been done to your body that makes it really hit home.

A combination of a healthy diet, a moderate exercise program, natural herbal supplements is what you need. This will help to greatly lower your risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, dementia, and the biggest killer of them all, heart disease.

#2: You Will Respect Yourself and Have Great Self Esteem

This is because you will sleep great, feel great, and, perhaps best of all, look great. Who doesn’t want all those things?!

#3: Naturally Strong Immune System

You won’t have to worry about picking up every little cold, cough, or sore throat that is going around because: healthy eating + exercise = a healthy immune response.

#4: Live Longer with Fewer Health Problems

Living longer always sounds nice, but how nice would it be to be bedridden or partially paralyzed because of a stroke? Pay attention to the spry elders around you. We can bet that they eat right most of the time and get at least some exercise every day.

#5: You Will Heal and Recover More Quickly

Our bodies have a tremendous ability when it comes to healing; however, it needs the right nutrients, minerals, and stamina to do so. That doesn’t come from donuts and Netflix marathons.

#6: More Energy

Ever get that afternoon lag? You know, the one that makes you head for Starbucks? Or that feeling at 6PM like you could just drop into bed and not wake up until the alarm goes off? That lack of energy generally comes from a lack of exercise. Although it might sound strange, working out actually gives you more energy as your body becomes stronger.

#7: Keep Your Medical Costs Down

In today’s world of rising deductibles and changing insurance plans, the best way to avoid paying doctor’s bills, or deductibles is to get plenty of rest, eat right, and get moderate exercise at least three times a week. Most people complain about health care costs when the cheapest way to avoid them in the first place is to take care of yourself.

#8: Better Sex

Everyone wants a great sex life and sex is all about hormones. You need exercise, rest, and a proper diet if you want those hormones to go into overdrive!

#9: Improved Mental Health

Researchers might not understand everything about our brains yet, but they do know that exercise and diet are related to less depression and an improved overall mood.

#10: Empowerment and Confidence

There is little else that can boost your confidence like taking off your shirt at the beach and having women everywhere turn their heads and smile. Ladies, how does it feel when you walk into a room and every man is sneaking a peek at you? Looking good feels good and confident, well… sometimes it’s everything!

How to Make Fitness Part of Your Life?

Physical activity is important to your overall well-being, but in today’s busy world that can be tough. Finding a balanced routine that includes fitness and healthy diet will improve your overall health and happiness. 

Here are some tips for making that happen.

Why bother with physical activity?  

Self-care is what you do to maintain your physical, emotional and mental health. While it can include luxury activities, such as getting a massage and going on vacations, the reality is that self-care has more to do with your daily habits than anything.

A balanced routine will help you manage whatever difficulties in life come your way. In fact, if you are feeling stressed, unhealthy, or you aren’t taking steps to tend to your well-being, Reach Out says those are indicators you will benefit from an improved self-care program

What constitutes self-care?

Your self-care plan should include measures that tend to your body, mind, and soul. Care for your body consists of actions such as working out, eating right, and brushing your teeth. Mental self-care can be anything from reading a book or studying a new subject to meditating or visiting a museum.

Caring for your spiritual side would be going to a church or engaging in secular activities, like soaking in a warm bath, which can reduce stress. Oftentimes good self-care components actually address all three areas in some manner. For instance, your fitness program treats mind and soul; it’s an outlet for stress, can improve your outlook on life, and can improve your ability to focus.

Fitness and self-care

Including fitness in your self-care routine is vital. Some research reflects that working out for twenty to thirty minutes, six days per week is enough to enhance basic fitness and performance.

It’s crucial to find something you enjoy doing so you look forward to it, whether you’re walking, gardening, dancing or lifting weights. Fitness doesn’t have to be a regimented activity. You can get many of the same benefits from playing with the kids as you could by walking on a treadmill at the gym.

Working out works wonders for the body’s composition, but it also strengthens the parts of you that you can’t see. Your heart, lungs, and brain all benefit from good old-fashioned exercise. Walking or taking a dance class with friends also tends to your social needs.

Plan your schedule

Let’s face it, “I don’t have time,” is the American mantra. However, with a little thoughtful planning, you can plug a workout into your busy schedule.

Try getting up a half hour earlier for a brief workout at the beginning of your day or keep some simple workout equipment next to the couch and use it during commercial breaks. Do your kids’ events take you to the local park or a rec center? Take advantage of the downtime before, after, or during breaks to get in a little workout of your own. Or, if your youngster is in music lessons and you’re waiting around for an hour, take the opportunity to stretch your legs instead of running errands or playing on your phone. 

Get some rest

Sufficient sleep and relaxation are also key components in self-care. If you don’t allow yourself opportunities to recharge your body, mind, and soul, you won’t have the energy and wellness to manage the rest of your lifestyle.

Some experts suggest creating a relaxation regimen that encourages quality sleep with white noise machines, good pillows, and darkrooms. Engage in a bedtime ritual to help tell your body and mind it’s time to prepare for sleep.

Also, it’s vital to minimize stress to encourage rest, relaxation and recuperation from your days. Find a place in your home that can function as a meditation space. Declutter the area, add some cushions and a few natural elements and keep the space simple and peaceful. You’ll find with more rest, you can summon more energy for your responsibilities and enjoy a more balanced life.


Plugging fitness into your daily plan will encourage health and happiness. With a little creativity, you can squeeze into your busy days. Make sure you get enough rest to recuperate from your many obligations.

With a balanced lifestyle, you’ll be happier and healthier, body, mind, and soul!