Banana Health Benefits

The banana is a common fruit found in most supermarkets so few people think of bananas as having many health benefits. Most people think bananas are fattening and stay away from them when they want to lose weight. Some people eat bananas regularly such as for breakfast without ever thinking of any health benefits associated with them. Bananas are great for breakfast in cereal or oat meal as well as great for snack. There also other banana health benefits:

What are the health benefits of the banana?

The banana is usually described as a high fiber fruit which contains no fat (not true), sodium (not true) or cholesterol (true). The banana is a good source of potassium (about 467 mg), vitamin B6 (about 0.68 mg but accounts for 34% of daily value) as well as vitamin C (10.74 mg or 18% daily value) and magnesium (34 mg or 8.55% daily value).

Health benefits of bananas – what illnesses or diseases can bananas help fight?

Because a banana is a rich source of nutrients, eating bananas can help you prevent many diseases or illnesses. Below are some common banana health benefits:

Bananas are rich in heart healthy fiber

Recent studies show that people who eat the most of these heart healthy fiber had 12% less coronary heart disease and 11% less cardiovascular disease.

Bananas are good source of Vitamin B6

Bananas contain 0.68 mg of Vitamin B6 or 34% of daily value. Vitamin B6 helps keep levels of cardiovascular disease risk factor, homocysteine, in balance.

Bananas contain phytosterols

Phytosterols may promote heart health through their ability to inhibit cholesterol absorption.

Bananas have antacid effects

Eating a lot of fresh bananas can protect the stomach against ulcers and ulcerative damage.

Bananas have high levels of potassium

The banana’s potassium levels may help regulate blood pressure and reduce stroke risk. Bananas also offer quick relief for muscle cramps.