Healthy Diet Pyramid

Have you heard of a healthy diet pyramid? Many different organizations have introduced their version of the Healthy Diet Pyramid. However, all Healthy Diet Pyramids are pretty much the same with a slight variations from country to country. But, basically, the Healthy Diet Pyramid would have:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Protein (meat or alternatives such as eggs and milk), and
  • Fat

Below is a picture of the US Department of Agriculture healthy diet food pyramid for Americans. Other countries also have their own versions of healthy diet pyramid that is similar to this one below.

Healthy Diet Pyramid

In the past, the healthy diet pyramid did not use to come with recommended daily servings...

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What Is a Healthy Diet?

What is a Healthy Diet?” is a loaded question. In the past, it would have been difficult to answer this question but nowadays there are enough science, evidence, studies and researches behind explanations of what a healthy diet is.

Definition of healthy diet

If you have been reading a lot of resources online, you will see that most people have the definition of what a healthy diet is as a diet low in fat and consisting of lots of fruits, vegetables and fibers as well as other added nutrients. However the most basic definition of a healthy diet is the diet that after you eat, you feel well. In another word, a healthy diet is the diet that makes you:

  • not having to go to the doctors or hospitals
  • immune to diseases and illnesses
  • never get sick
  • feel energized
  • feel younger
  • look younger (be...
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